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devonshire diamonds

AboutDevonshire Diamonds Inc. is a company that is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We ship our fancy coloured diamonds worldwide. Devonshire Diamonds Inc. is your conection to a large inventory of fancy coloured diamonmds. At Devonshire Diamonds Inc. our president Cheryle Bidner, prides herself on first class customer service and product knowledge.
Overviewthank you for your interest in devonshire Diamonds! At devonsire diamonds our consultants bring more then 50 years of experience to the table and we are experts in the sourcing and marketing of natural fancy coloured diamonds. devonshire diamonds ia a trust based company and we focus on educating our clientele. we offer the highest level of discretion and privacy on our clients's behalf and devonshire diamonds reach is global. "When times are bad, diamonds....can hold their value better than real estate and have the advantage of being portable!" USA
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